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C R E D I T  A N D  D E B T  S O L U T I O N S

About the operations manager

Whitney Rowe joined the FFAM team almost 3 years ago in hopes of continuing a career in helping people. Her dedication and leadership skills provide the highest quality support to our clients and affiliates. If you get the privilege of working with her you will find that her customer service and knowledge of how we can help people in almost any situation is very impressive. Whitney's strengths will continue to bring pride and growth to FFAM.

About the owner

Amanda Jackson founded FFAM after recognizing a need for a reputable company in an industry with a bad name.  She and her team strive to deliver the highest level of results with as much experienced driven knowledge and integrity as possible. Amanda provides continued education for FFAM's staff, referral partners, mortgage companies, and realtors and looks forward to guiding a change on the negative perception on companies offering credit repair and debt help.


In the unpopular industry of debt help and credit repair, FFAM continues to deliver honest, upfront, and reliable services by educating their clients and referral partners prior to engaging them in professional services. Every person's needs are treated on a case-by-case basis and tailored to fit their specific goals.


Provide solutions for those who want to improve their lives through homeownership but who need help to get there through guidance, advice, and professional services.


FFAM's team has years worth of student loan and credit knowledge and teach frequently to real estate professionals and on radio shows.

About FFAM

FFAM is a women owned and primarily run company established in 2014. Their management, affiliating partners and processing teams are vetted for their high moral, ethical, and compliance standards as well as advanced experience.