MCE Certification Classes

Some members of our team are certified instructors (via our TREC registered sister company) to teach continued education courses on "Navigating Student Loan Debt" for Real Estate professionals looking for continued education credit hours. We also offer (unaccredited) free classes for out of state realtors as well as for any mortgage companies looking to provide a deeper guideline understanding for their teams who may come across student loan issues when trying to qualify a potential homebuyer for a homeloan.

Pre-Graduate Consultation

We can offer in-school students (and their parents!) friendly free advice on the best types of loans to take out for maximum program benefits, as well as the best careers and fields for obtaining the most out of eligible repayment plans. We can also advise them on pursuing the full benefits on their current deferments and forbearance as well as the effects of such delayed payments. Although these questions and answers could be handled directly with your financial aid office or student loan Servicer, we are happy to provide any additional insights!

College Graduate Consultation

People come to us because it can be confusing to understand which servicers they're with, which programs they should be in, which loans benefit (and don't) by going through the consolidation process, the difference between each program and different types of student loans, which repayment plan may help them qualify for a mortgage approval if near the homebuying process, when to really submit annual re-certifications, or even how to avoid program removal and possible capitalized interest.

One size does not fit all!  We take client's individual needs for the present and future into deep consideration when searching for the best repayment options. 

Our Services

*Frost Financial Advising & Management, LLC (FFAM) is not affiliated with the Department of Education in any way. Any programs offered are openly available to the public. FFAM is a Third Party service provider that assists student loan borrowers with the process of entering publicly offered repayment programs. Eligible quoted repayment plans are subject to annual renewals and servicer payments may fluctuate depending on income, household size, and other circumstancial changes.

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